Azul Ceramic Sun Breakers / Cross Jali

Azul Ceramic Sun Breakers / Cross Jali

Ceramic Sun Breakers / Jalis are perforated ceramic walls, that can be erected to create a see through partition between two spaces, where there is tree airflow. These are useful for: a) Sunbreaker facades for buildings. b) Verandah walls. c) Courtyard walls. d) Balcony walls. e) Kitchen/ dinning partition. f) Retail spaces partition. g) Partition between swimming pool / changing room. h) Driveway / Garden walls. i) Porch walls. j) Parking area walls. k) Hotel lobby partitions. l) Bar Counter. m) Restaurant Partition.

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Sizes :  102x102x10mm with 95×197 x12mm
Price Range :  Price on request
Delivery Time : 8 weeks


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